Actress Kaley Cuoco Posts Unique Veteran’s Day Post On IG


Actress Kaley Cuoco one of the many to share a post about our nation’s armed forces over this last Veterans Day. However, her post focused on the forgotten members of the military.

Actress Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Fox News

Cuoco, a strong animal activist, posted an image to remind her followers about trained animals who help military men and women in combat. 

In the photo below, a proud dog stands with a medal around his neck.

Here, he’s missing his right front leg and has the other leg in a cast. The dog has a collar on as well, so it may be a dog that has been adopted after the war.

Actress Kaley Cuoco Writes To Veterans

Veteran Dog | Photo Credit Kaley Cuoco

“Sincere gratitude for all the men, women, and canines who have fought for our country! You are true heroes,” she wrote. After the quote, a small American flag emoji waved proudly.

Fans and followers chimed on actress Kaley Cuoco post. One wrote, “And horses… Unfortunately these poor animals get sent to war and have no choice but to partake… Remember today, each and every one of them.”

The actress has been known to help organize Paw Works rescue programs in Los Angeles, and she’s adopted many animals of her own.

Horses, Pit Bulls, And More On Cuoco Ranch

Kaley Cuoco Pets | Photo Credit Instagram

Kaley Cuoco and boyfriend Karl Cook are well-known animal lovers. Not only do they adopt pit bulls, but they also have horses. Recently, the actress has also adopted a mini-horse that lives on their property.

According to Fox News, “the account itself is even named after one of her rescue pit bulls, Norman, who she adopted at roughly 2 years old.” Even her Instagram page is called “NormanCook.”

When she’s not saving animals, she’s also riding animals. Both Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco love riding horses. In fact, they met at an event, seeing as Cook is a professional equestrian full time.

The actress uses horses to stay in shape. Four of five days a week, she still rides horses in addition to her yoga. Riding horses keeps the core engaged, so she stays fit year-round thanks to her horse.

What did you think of this unique photo to celebrate Veteran’s Day?