The Type Of Actor That Kaley Cuoco Absolutely Despises To Work With


Actress Kaley Cuoco spoke with Stephen Colbert about her decade working on The Big Bang Theory as Penny Hofstadter. As an outspoken character, she appreciates working on the show, but there’s one group of actors she doesn’t like.

“Are you guys going to have a baby?” asked host Stephen Colbert. Surprisingly, Kaley Cuoco answered the question honestly. “Oh, I hope not. I don’t like working with kids.” To clarify, she added, “No I like kids. I just don’t want to work with them.”

Perhaps this is another reason why we never see Howard and Bernie’s baby.

Kaley Cuoco Talks About Working With Babies

“Babies are really tough to work with,” said Kaley Cuoco. “They’re the big divas you could possibly have around. They’re carried in. They only work like six minutes. Guess what, I’d like to only work six minutes…”

In addition, Cuoco doesn’t like working with babies because they talk or cry all the time and make whatever sounds they want on set. As a trained professional, she understands how unprofessional this can be.

“I just feel like the babies can do whatever-the-hell-they want,” she concluded. “I don’t think that’s fair and I don’t want to work with them.”

Making A Big Decision In The Near Future

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

Later in the interview, she joked about “hating puppies.” Obviously, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Kaley Cuoco is a known spokesperson for all things pets and all things rescue dogs.

In addition, while she may not have wanted a baby when this interview was filmed, she could be changing her mind. With her marriage to Karl Cook on the way, the duo has been rumored to be talking about kids.

At age 32, it’s possible that Cuoco is preparing to settle down with her future husband, their many pets, and consider expanding the family. In fact, this could even happen in the next year, which might mean Penny also gets pregnant.

The current rumor is that The Big Bang Theory may end with Season 12. Whatever happens, we want to see Penny and Leonard start a true family.

Do you think Kaley Cuoco will have a baby in the next two years (read here)?