The Intriguing Story Of How Jim Parsons Became The Successful Actor We Know Him To Be


For many actors, the road to fame is long, often harsh, and almost always difficult. After years as a struggling actor, Jim Parsons finally landed the role as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory in 2007.

Thanks to creator Chuck Lorre, nerd culture, and a spectacular writing team, actor Jim Parsons found his home on television. Now, with ten years of Sheldon under his belt, he’s also got an open invitation to pursue film and Broadway.

The ratings leap turned a “journey actor into a star,” reported Today.

Jim Parsons Talks About His Eventual Success

Jim Parsons, NPH | Photo Credit Instagram

“I remember distinctly saying, ‘You’ve been living in purgatory and kind of hanging around, [but] this could be a very life-changing thing,’” said Jim Parsons. Thinking back on his audition tens year before, he’s grateful for the opportunity.

By season 4, the show hit number 1 and Parsons won an Emmy for best actor. At this point, he knew that the cast knew what they were doing. The show has gone on seven years beyond, with a twelfth season on the way.

Parsons started acting at the age of 6 and knew he wanted to be an actor.

Quitting, Raised By Wolves, And A Triumphant Return

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit James Corden

“My first year in college, I decided to give it up,” said Jim Parsons. After a struggle, he thought it was a dumb idea for a career. Luckily, after taking a year off, he realized how much he actually loved performing.

Parsons eventually landed a few television roles, some off-Broadway plays, and a Quizno’s commercial where he was “raised by wolves.” During those times, it sometimes meant unemployment and often meant counting change at Coinstar.

“I am grateful though, that a success like this TV show didn’t happen until I was in my thirties. I had met Todd [Spiewak], my partner, long before that,” said Jim Parsons about his eventual success.

In the end, we’re also grateful that Parsons found success for this show. It no doubt let to his radio show, his film work (Hidden Figures), and Broadway. “It makes me a little teary to be honest with you,” said the actor.

What’s your most memorable Jim Parsons moment from the past decade?