6 Ridiculous Things You Totally Forgot Happened On The Big Bang Theory


There have been so many episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes we forget just how long this show has been going on. For 11 seasons, we’ve seen these characters argue over science, comic books, and romantic entanglements. There have been some pretty crazy plot lines. Here are the 6 most ridiculous things you totally forgot happened on The Big Bang Theory.

1) Sheldon Considered Donating Sperm

Let’s take it all the way back to the pilot. When we first met Sheldon and Leonard, they were in the middle of one of their most ridiculous schemes to date. We guess you could say they started out with a “bang.” 

Sheldon had convinced Leonard that donating sperm was a good idea. They didn’t go to just any sperm bank, they went to a high IQ sperm bank, designed to create genius babies. That’s where things turn south- Sheldon realizes the logic behind sperm donation for genius babies is flawed and the boys quickly pull out of the experience.

It’s a pretty radical idea to donate sperm for money and never have contact with your child again. After years of getting to know Sheldon and Leonard, we’re surprised they’ve never joked about their impulsive idea. We certainly couldn’t see their current selves going through with such an idea.

2) Raj Is Featured in People Magazine

The gang’s first taste of fame and adventure occurred when Raj was featured in People magazine. Over the years, the men have won multiple awards, met many celebrities, and have traveled quite a bit. However, this was one of the first times anyone in the friend group had gained serious “celebrity.”

What got Raj featured on People’s “30 under 30 to watch?” He discovered a trans-Neptunian planetoid. Sounds pretty crazy to us. Also, of course, Raj named it “Planet Bollywood.” 

Aside from the awesome experience, the great publicity, and the rare discovery, the wildest part about all of this is that Raj still can’t speak to women. He manages to land himself in a top publication without ever uttering a sober word to a woman. What are the odds?

We sometimes miss the days when Raj couldn’t speak to women, just because of the comedy it lent itself to. However, we so prefer he and Penny’s relationship now. They are best buds and it’s so fun to hear them interact. We can’t imagine if Raj still to this day was selectively mute.

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