The One Thing You MUST Do If You Love Jim Parsons


There are several reasons to follow Jim Parsons’ Instagram, but these are some of our favorites. Below, you’ll find behind-the-scenes photos, off-set clips, and personal stories. 

Jim Parsons’ Instagram | Photo Credit Instagram

First of all, you get to see behind-the-scenes moments from The Big Bang Theory and you also get to see behind-the-scenes from Young Sheldon. Parsons is a producer and a narrator for the new hit CBS Series. 

Jim Parsons’ Instagram | Photo Credit Instagram

If that’s not enough, fans of Jim Parsons also get to see him go behind-the-scenes on talk shows. In the image above, the actor is about to go live on the set of the Craig Ferguson show. 

Parsons is likely chatting about The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

Jim Parsons Goes Behind-the-Camera

Jim Parsons’ Instagram | Photo Credit Instagram

Above, actors Jim Parsons and Simon Helberg are seen taking a selfie on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Meanwhile, one of the producers of the show points at the camera in the background. 

Jim Parsons’ Instagram | Photo Credit Instagram

In the image above, Jim Parsons is highlighting a fan-drawn image (@lizadonnelly) of himself with actor Iain Armitage. Together, these two actors make up the character of Sheldon Cooper on the two CBS shows. 

The image comes from their appearance on CBS This Morning.

Sheldon Cooper Actor Gets Personal

Jim Parsons Instagram | Photo Credit Instagram

Next, you get to see a little more about the actor’s personal life. Parsons writes, “Link in profile to the woman on the left, Edie Windsor, who passed away today and had a large hand in ensuring that the event in the pic on the right – my wedding – was able to happen at all.”

Jim Parsons Instagram | Photo Credit Instagram

Finally, after ten years of dating, Jim Parsons’ married his long-time boyfriend, Todd Spiewak. In the image above, Parsons writes, “Reception, first dance…” The duo got married in New York. 

In addition to all of the images above, Parsons also shows a little more about his favorite new shows (The Leftovers), his favorite meals (pies), and all the things he keeps near and dear. 

Fans of The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon can find Jim Parsons on CBS every Thursday night. 

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