You Totally Forgot These Stars Actually Appeared In The Big Bang Theory


With reoccurring guest stars like Stephen Hawking and Wil Wheaton, it’s easy to forget some of the other guests on The Big Bang Theory. Several of these famous stars come from television, while others come from movies.

Famous Stars Like Steven Yeun On TBBT

Stephen Yeun | Photo Credit TBBT

First of all, there’s Steven Yeun. At the time of the filming, Steven Yeun was no one in particular. In his short cameo, he played Sheldon Cooper’s former roommate. Soon after, he was starring on The Walking Dead.

Did you catch this Walking Dead / Big Bang Theory crossover?

Famous Stars Like DJ Qualls On TBBT

DJ Qualls | Photo Credit TBBT

When Sheldon Cooper couldn’t handle Leonard’s simple lie, he came up with a ridiculous plan of action. This meant hiring an actor to portray his fake cousin. Sheldon Cooper found the star of The Nice Guy for this role.

Famous Stars Like Eliza Dushku On TBBT

Eliza Dushku | Photo Credit TBBT

Beyond starring on the series Buffy and in the film, Bring It On, Eliza Dushku landed a small role on The Big Bang Theory. Back in Season 4, the actress came in to play a character in charge of running a background on Howard.

Sheldon tried to convince her of Howard’s poor character.

Famous Stars Like Joshua Malina On TBBT

Joshua Malina | Photo Credit TBBT

Between The West Wing and Scandal, Joshua Malina landed a small role on The Big Bang Theory. He played Dr. Siebert, the president of Caltech. It’s possible this could be a reoccurring role, but so far we’ve only seen him once.

Famous Stars Like Josh Peck On TBBT

Josh Peck | Photo Credit TBBT

Josh Peck got his start on Nickelodeon, but he shined on The Big Bang Theory. The young, handsome competitor arrived as a sleazy owner of Capital Comics. This became Stuart’s biggest rival in the series.

Famous Stars Like Charlie Sheen On TBBT

Charlie Sheen | Photo Credit TBBT

Most people forget that Charlie Sheen helped promote The Big Bang Theory back in the in the day. While working on Two and a Half Men, he appeared in Season 2 of TBBT to help promote the show.

It’s hard to believe a Charlie Sheen cameo used to be a good thing…

What’s your favorite cameo on The Big Bang Theory?