5 Places To See Jim Parsons Besides The Big Bang Theory


Zach Braff’s zany comedy-comedy, Garden State was one of the first places many fans saw Jim Parsons.

As Tim, he played a man who worked a place like Medieval Times. Braff’s character first saw him, dressed as a Knight, eating cereal.

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Garden State

Parsons As Rob Holbrook On Judging Amy

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Judging Amy

In episodes like “My Name Is Amy Gray,” “Sorry I Missed You,” and “The Paper War,” Jim Parsons made a name for himself as Rob Holbrook on the series, Judging Amy. In total, Parsons starred in seven episodes.

Most of his work on the show premiered back in 2005.

Parsons On Family Guy

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Family Guy

After Judging Amy, Parsons got a ton of voice work on cartoons like Marvel Super Hero Squad, Pound Puppies, Disney’s Kick Buttowski and eventually Family Guy where he played a version of Sheldon Cooper, among other characters.

Parsons In Wish I Was Here

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Wish I Was Here

A decade after Jim Parsons made a name for himself in Zach Braff’s first feature film, Garden State, the two paired up again for Wish I Was Here. This time, both men play actors in search of making it big.

Like Garden State, the film was full of heart and off-the-wall comedy.

Parsons As “Oh” In Home

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Home/Cloudinary

Jim Parsons’ voice is so iconic thanks to Sheldon Cooper that it’s likely he turns down more roles than he accepts these days. One role he couldn’t turn down was the role of alien “Oh” in the animated feature, Home.

In Home, “An alien is on the run from his own people [when he] makes friends a girl. He tries to help her on her quest, but can be an interference.” There’s a lot more to children’s comedy and Cooper’s character is somewhat similar to Sheldon.

Have you seen all of these Jim Parsons hits?

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