5 Rare Pictures That Will Make You Realize You Really Don’t Know Jim Parsons…


Jim Parsons’ Many Sides

Jim Parsons is a phenomenal actor, and he has the awards and career to prove it. In 2017 we know Jim as the nerdy, business type. All of his characters seem to be a bit geeky, lovable, and very serious. However, we’ve found five photos that prove there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Jim Parsons.

Light It Up

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photo by capetownmagazine.com

Here we see Parsons with a bit of an edge. He’s lighting a cigarette, scowling, and rocking a distressed denim jacket. While we’d never condone smoking, we do love how dreamy Jim looks in this black and white photo.

Sea glass Eyes

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photo by aboutus.com

We can’t get enough of Jim Parsons’ gorgeous sea glass eyes. Those light blue tones are absolutely stunning.

Bad Girl’s Sidekick 

Image result for jim parsons rihanna
photo by afrossip.com

Would you ever guess that Jim Parsons would be Bad Girl RiRi’s, right-hand man? The two became unlikely friends while working on their film Home together. The Pop princess Rihanna seemed to love Jim Parsons, and their press tour together was an instant hit. Steve Martin also brought his comedy genius along for the ride, making this picture even more epic.

Just Chillin

Image result for jim parsons bad
photo by ranker.com

Here’s a rare shot of Jim without the nerdy t-shirt, or button up shirt. He looks relaxed, cool calm and collected. We’re digging the chill vibes he’s throwing our way.

The Best For Last

Image result for jim parsons bad
photo by adsweek.com

We can’t lie, this is definitely our favorite picture of Jim ever. Just look at that hot leather jacket, perfectly placed hands in the pocket, and stride of swagger. Who wouldn’t think Jim was a bad boy after seeing this photo?

We can’t get enough. Have you ever seen this darker side of Jim Parsons?

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