THIS Is The REAL Reason The ‘Elevator Explosion’ Scene Was Written On The Big Bang Theory


There are a ton of inside jokes on The Big Bang Theory, but one of our favorites revolves around Bernadette. As she continues to prove this season, Bernadette Wolowitz is actually mean. Despite her pint-sized demeanor, she’s cutthroat when it comes to her job or any competition.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

There’s this broken elevator. This has been an ongoing joke since the very beginning, but it’s actually meant to help the writers. Since the team can’t get on an elevator, several shots are done as they’re walking up the stairs. In reality, of course, the stairs are just one location so they’re actually walking in a circle.

Driving Miss Sheldon, Wil Wheaton, And More

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Then, there’s the ongoing joke about Sheldon Cooper’s driver’s license on The Big Bang Theory. Over the years, Sheldon has only gotten his permit so he needs someone to drive him around like a kid. In Season 11, he actually revealed that he had his license, but he doesn’t like to drive.

Next, there’s Sheldon Cooper’s enemies list. So far, we know the list contains Wil Wheaton, Barry Kripke, and Star Trek alum Brent Spiner, and Leonard’s ex-girlfriend Leslie Winkle, among others. Kripke and Wheaton are both on and off the list, depending on their various actions.

“Fun With Flags,” Fun With Sheldon…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Then, there’s Sheldon’s series, “Fun with Flags.” The podcast and YouTube series focuses on Sheldon and his love for flags. During each episode, he invites guests to test their flag trivia on the series. In addition to his fiancé Amy, guests like LaVar Burton and Wil Wheaton have also been on his online show.

Another quirky reoccurring joke on the show is Sheldon’s need to give someone in need a hot beverage. We all know Sheldon has trouble with societal interactions, but his efforts to mask those issues are what makes the show so funny.

Rather than actually consult someone, he simply offers them a hot beverage.

What is your favorite inside or reoccurring joke on The Big Bang Theory?