The Girls Wanted The Boys To Go Out With Them, But Then Penny Picks Up The Phone And…


The Big Bang Theory Girls Night

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The Big Bang Theory women have had some epic girls’ nights. Penny Amy and Bernadette are an unlikely group, but they make for the best of friends. We love how unique they are, and how their personalities match up. Here are 5 epic The Big Bang Theory Girls Night moments.

This Fashion Show Extravaganza

The girls wanted the men to go out with them instead of staying home per usual. When they wouldn’t come, Penny Amy and Bernadette decided to show them what they were missing. Penny even described Amy as “showing all kinds of ankle.” Their presentation was successful; Raj asked to join. He ran out of the room cheering “girls night girls night oh oh yeah!” Gotta love these group of gals.

Amy And Penny Kiss

Sheldon isn’t the only guy that crashes girls’ night out. At a particularly loud club, Sheldon witnesses the girls getting pretty sloppy. When they inquire why Sheldon has never experimented with kissing, he tells them the acts takes 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. Amy doesn’t seem to care about these scientific facts and decides to pop a kiss right on Penny. We love care free Amy and all her spunk.

The Girls Prank Sheldon…

During their first slumber party, Penny teaches Amy and Bernadette how to make a fun prank phone call. The girls trick Sheldon into saying “I’m a total butt wad” in public. Things then get weird when Amy can’t quite grasp the concept of Truth or Dare. Amy’s come a long way in social settings, and this is a funny reminder of how her friendships first started off.

Bernadette Burns Amy

Not all The Big Bang Theory Girls nights have happy endings. When Sheldon and Howard fight over a parking space at work, Amy and Bernadette start to defend their men. Amy insults Howard’s intelligence, and Bernadette goes after Sheldon’s scientific contributions. Perhaps the best insult ever; Bernadette says, “Gosh Amy I’m sensing a little hostility. Is it because like Sheldon’s work your sex life is also theoretical?” This is definitely the insult of the century.

The Girls Go To Disney Land

The girls decide to play hooky from work. Amy went through an elaborate plan to trick her boss into thinking she had food poisoning. Bernadette wants to have a full princess make over at Disneyland. The girls dress up as Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora. The best part of this girls night? How much Howard enjoys seeing Bernadette as Cinderella.

What are your favorite The Big Bang Theory girls night moments?

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