The Proof That Melissa Rauch Is The Biggest Cheerleader For TBBT Cast


On The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette is known as a cut-throat employee at work. In real life, however, actress Melissa Rauch has nothing but love for her cast mates on the CBS sitcom. 

Melissa Rauch Post | Photo Instagram

On the official TheMelissaRauch Instagram account, the most recent photo announced the actress had a baby girl. But, if you scroll back, there are at least three occasions where she helped promote a work colleague to her 1.5M followers.

The star recommended the memoir, Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, which happens to be the next major project from Jim Parsons (Sheldon), who just bought the rights.

Melissa Rauch, Bookworm, Actress, And More

Melissa Rauch Post | Photo Instagram

Next, the bookworm promoted her co-workers new book, Girling Up: How To Be Strong, Smart, and Spectacular. PhD and author Mayim Bialik wrote the book to inspire young women to be confident, smart, and “super.”

“Sooo wish I had this fantastic book growing up! Blossom was there for me as a preteen/teen & now the wise words of the awesome @missmayim are here to guide this generation!” wrote Melissa Rauch.

If that’s not enough, the actress also promotes her friends while they’re touring.

Showing The Love For Colleague Jim Parsons

Melissa Rauch Post | Photo Instagram

“LOVING listening to @therealjimparsons on his Sirius XM Radio show “Jim Parsons is Too Stupid For Politics!” Check it out on @radioandysxm,” wrote the actress. The episode likely touched on Parsons film, Hidden Figures.

If these loving connections aren’t enough, there are also some hilarious posts sprinkled throughout. Melissa Rauch will occasionally post photos behind-the-scenes, with her co-stars from the CBS sitcom.

And we can also learn a little more about the actress’ personality, likes, and dislikes. In one post, she’s planting a tree. In another, she’s highlighting a quote from one of her mentors, the iconic Mary Tyler Moore (“Take chances, make mistakes”).

We’re hoping that Melissa Rauch will start to post her own baby photos on social media, but until then, we can settle for her hilarious side-by-side comparison (view here) to Garth from Wayne’s World.

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