The Big Bang Theory Flash Back: 3 Things Fans Forgot They Love About This Show


In “The Bitcoin Experiment,” The Big Bang Theory decided to remind us of why we loved the series in the first place. Throughout the episode, the show jumped back and forth between present day and a new look at the third season.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

One of our favorite moments of the past comes from Raj Koothrappali’s select mutism. In one of the new flashbacks, we’re reminded that Raj used to be terrible at speaking to women.

Then, there’s Howard’s mother, Mrs. Wolowitz. In this episode, we’re reminded of their former, super-close relationship.

The Big Bang Theory Highlights Mrs. Wolowitz

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

While Leonard, Howard, and Raj are looking for a laptop, they start thinking about the first time they mined for bitcoins. In the flashback, we’re reminded of how long Howard was forced to live with his mother. 

Not only does he have to call her while he’s at the comic book shop, but also still gets milk and cookies with his friends. For her sake, at least he wasn’t roughhousing with the other boys.

Finally, there’s the on-and-off again relationship of Penny and Leonard.

The Comic-Con Dump-a-Thon

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Which break-up was that?” asked Raj Koothrappali. “Was that the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?” To add insult to injury, Howard corrected his friend. “Was that the Comic-Con Dump-a-thon?” he asked.

According to Raj and Howard, they had to nickname the break-ups or else they would blur together. Sheldon and Amy got in on the action by commenting on Leonard being the saddest Pikachu.

Now, it would appear that Leonard and Penny are doing very well. After their various ups and downs, they seem to be happily married. In addition, it’s possible that they too may be talking about having children soon.

With their good friends Howard and Bernadette pregnant again, it’s quite possible they too will get baby fever. With the series possibly coming to an end after Season 12, we’re hoping to see a little Hofstadter baby in the near future.

What else did you notice in this latest episode of The Big Bang Theory?