3 Things Amy Farrah Fowler Avoids To Protect Sheldon From Feeling Upset


“Wait a minute. You’re always bragging because lice aren’t attracted to you because your scalp is so oily. That was on your dating profile,” said Sheldon Cooper. In the latest The Big Bang Theory, Amy turns down a Professor Proton cameo and Sheldon can’t figure out why.

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In reality, she turned down this honorable cameo because she didn’t want to upset her fiancé. “I know you have strong feelings about Professor Proton and I don’t want to get in the middle of that,” she clarified.

“So you’re going to do something just because you think it might upset me?” asked Sheldon Cooper. At that point, we learned the truth about their relationship.

Sheldon Cooper Can’t Help But Pry With Amy

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“It’s tricky because answering that question honestly is one of the things I tend not to do because it upsets you,” confirmed Amy Farrah Fowler. Essentially, this opened up a can of worms for the couple.

After Sheldon Cooper pried a little, Amy finally told her the man the truth. “Remember last week when we went to that dueling piano bar I was so excited about?” Sheldon shook his head, ‘No.’ “Now you’re getting it,” she said.

Clearly, she’s walking on eggshells around Sheldon. Later, Sheldon tries to make up for it but it doesn’t work out.

Sheldon Tries To Boost Their Relationship, But…

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“Checkmate,” said Amy Farrah Fowler. More than likely, this was the first time that Amy had ever beat Sheldon in chess. “You beat me and I am responding with humility and admiration. What does it look like?” he asked.

In the third example of Amy be careful around Sheldon, she made sure to play a game that he wanted to play. But, in an effort to balance their situation, Sheldon tried to lose the game. Obviously, this backfired.

“You let me win so you could show me how emotionally mature you are, didn’t you?” said Amy. But, Sheldon revealed that he couldn’t simply wait for her to win, because who knew win that might happen.

At the very end, Sheldon was at least able to watch her cameo with Professor Proton, even though he had to scream on the rooftop afterward.

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