This Mind-Blowing Theory Unravels The Mystery Behind Bernadette And Howard’s Relationship


On The Big Bang Theory, some fans feel like Bernadette would have never given Howard Wolowitz a chance. Because of this unreal scenario, the fan theory is that Howard built himself a cyborg (similar to the fembots in Austin Powers).

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

First of all, Howard Wolowitz is an engineer who experimented with similar devices in the past. Back in Season 5, Howard and Raj experimented with a kissing machine and there was also the episode where Howard got “caught” in a robotic hand.

Therefore, perhaps Howard took things further and build a robotic woman.

The Big Bang Theory Explores Cyborg Relationships

In addition to the engineer scenario, some fans feel like Bernadette is just too much like Howard’s mother. Basically, if he did create some sort of AI-female-cyborg, he may use traits from his mom.

Bernadette has been known to scream at Howard and she’s even been off-screen for most of Season 11. This starts to border on a Bates Motel mentality, but the two women are more and more alike each season.

Finally, there’s the fandom thinking that Bernadette couldn’t really like Howard.

How Could Bernadette Really Settle On Howard?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Before Bernadette, it was almost impossible to think of any woman really going for Howard. It’s not just that he’s a nerd or possible a loser, it’s more about the way he would go after women.

Howard Wolowitz was the king of bad pickup lines. He would try to go to bars and peacock (wear something noticeable), but it always backfired. It’s as if he used every playbook to hit on women at the same time.

His overkill mentality left him alone more often than not until Bernadette came around. Now, while he has changed a great deal since he met Bernie, he didn’t change until after they met.

This makes us wonder why she could go for him in the first place. It’s quite the stretch but actor Jim Parsons once addressed the issue: “I believe [a cyborg is] some sort of AI with flesh. Boobs in this case. Don’t we all sort of build our own romantic cyborg? Even in the best of relationships, don’t you realize, ‘Oh God. I married my mother, or father?”

Parsons doesn’t directly answer the question, but it’s likely just a theory. After all, they do have a child, but we’ve never seen on her television…

Do you think we’ll find out that Bernadette isn’t a real person on The Big Bang Theory?