THESE 3 Secrets For Raising Sheldon Cooper Are Motherhood Lessons Worth Sharing


It’s not easy raising kids, especially if one of them is a boy genius. For Sheldon Cooper’s mom, it is almost impossible. Even so, there are a few principles she can stick to in order to be the best mom she can be.

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Laurie Metcalfe and Zoe Perry star in the dual role on The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. Perry told The Loop, “You really understand the impact that Sheldon’s genius has not only on him… but on the rest of his family.”

Above all else, Sheldon Cooper mom needs to spread the love.

Sheldon Cooper’s Mom Teaches Parenting Tips

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Every family with multiple children face the possibility of sibling rivalries. For Sheldon Cooper’s mom, this means putting in the work to make sure neither child is given too much attention.

Perry added, “Because Sheldon is extraordinary, that can sometimes take Mary’s attention away from others, so it’s a real balancing act,” she said. This is present in the very first episode of Young Sheldon when the brother is neglected.

Next, of course, comes the issue of religion and finding a Savior.

Finding A Savior And Accepting Help

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Every mom should teach their children the ins and outs of religion. In church, a higher power can encourage children to behave. If Mary didn’t have her faith, it’s possible that things would have turned out much worse for her and Sheldon.

Finally, Sheldon Cooper mom teaches audiences to accept any help she can. In a recent episode when MeeMaw comes to visit, the arrival is bittersweet. This means drinking, smoking, fireworks, and poker at the Cooper household.

Despite how different the two like to parent, Mary understands that all help is good help. When she comes home, she finds MeeMaw teaching her son how to play poker while the oldest boy shoots off fireworks outside.

Even the best parents need help once in a while, so Mary understands when to ask for help. Likewise, on The Big Bang Theory, she is pleased to meet Amy Farrah Fowler, especially since she once considered he may never marry.

What do you think of these three parenting tips from Sheldon Cooper mom?