10 Shocking Facts About The Big Bang Theory Cast Members


The Big Bang Theory cast is large and diverse. It’s made up of tons of different personalities and characters. That is what makes it so great. We know these actors’ characters like nobody’s business but did you know these 10 facts about the cast members themselves?

1. Jim Parsons Used To Be On Quiznos Commercials

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Ever thought to yourself, “I know I’ve seen Jim Parsons before, but I can’t figure out where…” Well it’s probably because you saw him on a Quizno’s commercial. The Big Bang Theory star may now have four Emmy’s, but before this show he was a relatively unknown actor. He even revealed, “Once, I lived in an apartment with a skylight in the bathroom. Every winter, it would snow through the skyline but we got a discount because of it. Thankfully, life’s changed a lot since then.” It’s funny, now he’s one of the highest paid actors on television.

2. Jim Parsons Really Respects The Military

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Jim revealed an interesting sentiment while speaking with Digital Spy. When asked if he’s ever had to repeat “bazinga” for fans, Jim said, “I think I’ve been asked to say it at least two or three times, but not too many. I turned down a couple of the requests, but then I was asked to say it by an Iraq war veteran and that wasn’t something I was going to turn down. I thought it was the least I could do in return for his service to my country.” We love that he appreciates our veterans so much.

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