The Big Bang Theory Includes HUGE Hidden “Throwback” Easter Egg In Last Episode…


The Comic-Con Conundrum 

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First of all, the name of this week’s The Big Bang Theory episode was a throwback in itself. In the previous The Convention Conundrum episode, Sheldon and friends miss out on comic-con tickets and end up meeting both James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher. This week’s episode also involved comic-con, so it’s clear the writers were nodding to themselves.

However, the new episode also had a small nod to a former famous phrase from a previous TBBT season. Here’s how it all went down, as well as some other great lines from this week’s episode.

Raj Needs His Finances In Order

Previously, Raj has informed his father that he will no longer be accepting monetary help. His father is elated, but Raj isn’t exactly sure how to manage his finances.

The episodes begin with Sheldon pouring over Raj’s budget. He is humorously strict about Raj’s spending and that leads the guys to an idea:

Leonard: Maybe you should find someone to help you get your finances under control.

Raj: Like a business manager?

Sheldon: No, absolutely not. You can’t afford to hire someone who’ll forbid you from spending your money on foolish expenses. That is a foolish expense, and I forbid it.

Famous Lines

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Since the irony was too much to bare, Leonard had to spell it out for Sheldon.

Leonard: What if there’s someone who just likes controlling other people and stealing joy from their lives?

Sheldon: He sounds like a sociopath.

Leonard: We don’t know, his mother never had him tested.

Immediately after this line, the studio audience erupted with laughter. But why? Well, this is an old nod to one of Sheldon’s most famous lines…

“I’m Not Crazy. My Mother Had Me Tested.”

Just how famous is this line? It’s elicited the creation of memes, merchandise, t-shirt, and entire fan forums.

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TBBT fans can’t get enough of how classic-Sheldon this statement is. He’s been tested- therefore it’s a fact he isn’t crazy. 

You can buy this coffee mug with the saying on it. There are also throw pillows, on top of the millions of t-shirts with the phrase.

We loved hearing the throw-back quote in this week’s The Big Bang Theory episode. Did you catch it?

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