The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon teaches Penny Physics


Penny shows up for her lessons on time, well-rested, and eager to learn as Sheldon notes. (“Apparently, ignorance is bliss .”) After giving her a notebook, he begins his lecturing back in ancient Greece, where people would look up at the stars and ensure some of them move in the night sky. They are going to embark on a 2600 year journey from the Greeks to Isaac Newton to Niels Bohr to Erwin Schrodinger to the Dutch researchers Leonard is currently rending off. Penny leaves for the bathroom first and Sheldon notes Project Gorilla – Entry 2. I’m depleted!

Sheldon is trying to teach Penny physics, but she doesn’t understand anything and starts to cry because she believes she is stupid. Sheldon doesn’t think that that’s no reason to cry. One sobbings when one is sad. He screams because others are stupid and that attains him sad. Penny simply wants to know what Leonard does. He works with subatomic particles. Penny then asks what they are. Sheldon considers that a good questions and to answer that he starts his whole lecturing over again. Penny reacts with” Oh balls !”