The Big Bang Theory – Guys meet Bill Gates


Geek god Bill Gates is set to drop by The Big Bang Theory — and in doing so, cause quite a commotion.

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The Microsoft founder will make a special guest-starring appearance as himself in a late March episode of TV’s No. 1 sitcom when he attends a operate function at Penny’s( played by Kaley Cuoco) pharmaceutical company. Get gale of the VIP visit, Leonard, Sheldon et al do everything in their power to meet the calculating icon.

Gates thus becomes the latest in an ever-longer line of nerd-tastic castings on the CBS sitcom, following in the footsteps of Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy and George Takei, Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones, Apple’s own Steve Wozniak, Tesla founder Elon Musk and physicist/ cosmologist Stephen Hawking, among many others .(