THAT’S What Kaley Cuoco Used To Look Like!? You’ll Barely Recognize These Photos…


The Big Bang Theory Cast

We love to watch The Big Bang Theory each week. Over the past ten years, the characters have become a part of our lives. Their back stories have slowly been shared, and we know a lot about each’s childhoods. That’s why it’s so funny to see the cast of TBBT as young kids. You’ll be shocked at how different, and how similar, some of these actors looked way back when.

Jim Parsons

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Can you believe how adorable little Jim Parsons is here? He’s holding what looks to be an award for a derby contest of some kind. We love how he still has the same kind eyes and smile.

Mayim Bialik

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You probably recognize Mayim Bialik in this throwback photo. She has the same heart-shaped face and a wide smile. However, did you notice that she’s hugging Jennifer Aniston? Hard to believe that these two worked together in their early acting days. Mayim grew up in the business. She’s not the only TBBT cast member who had early Hollywood experience.

Johnny Galecki

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Do you recognize the young Johnny Galecki in this press photo from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Galecki starred as Chevy Chase’s young son in this Christmas classic. He moved to Hollywood by himself at just 15-years-old. Pretty incredible.

Kaley Cuoco Throwback

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Here’s a stunning photo of Kaley Cuoco from her teenage years. She honestly hasn’t aged that much. She just wears a bit more make up now. She’s always had those great cheekbones and bright blonde hair. 

Melissa Rauch- the Early Years

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Last, but certainly not least, we can hardly recognize Melissa Rauch in this adorable Halloween throwback. The star had darker hair in her younger years and clearly enjoyed dressing up as a cowgirl. She does still have the same beautiful curls.

Did you recognize these young TBBT stars? Who’s your favorite throwback?

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