With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to take a look at how our favorite Big Bang Theory series celebrated Thanksgiving.

One distinct episode comes to mind instantly. There have been a couple of Thanksgivings on the show, but this one episode had our beloved holiday as the focal point of the whole thing. Find out with us what the Thanksgiving vibe on The Big Bang Theory is. The whole gang famecollectibles.com The whole gang famecollectibles.com

“It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without an Indian providing the food.”, Raj Koothrappali

You might remember the phrase,”Thanksgiving Decoupling” from Season 7, Episode 9. Or you might remember this particular episode for another reason – this was the one, where Sheldon gets really drunk and was kind of “into” football. But that’s a whole different story. 

This Big Bang Thanksgiving is a whirlwind of funny and awkward encounters with odd-bonds and friendships.

 So, exactly what is a usual Thanksgiving is like for most of us? Gathering with relatives you see every year just for this one occasion? Check. Messing up the dinner? Check again. How about running into your old crush or your ex? Yep, The Big Bang Theory gang has got those covered too. By: CBS Photo ArchiveWith Howard being terrified of Bernadette’s father, Mike, played by the Hollywood veteran Casey Sander, and Sheldon forming a surprising friendship with Mike over football trivia – you think it can’t get any weirder. But, of course, it did. Still, the main thing in this episode is that despite our differences and tensions – we can all come together as a family or as friends. And if you have an Indian friend willing to cook for the whole party, well, then there’s simply nothing you can complain about!

“I’d like to go, but unfortunately, that sounds awful.”

Admit it – you wanted to say the same thing to your family members at least once! And you might easily guess who said that, right? That’s Sheldon answering Howard when invited for Thanksgiving to Howard’s Mom’s house. Sheldon is the embodiment of bold and honest here. If you are ever in a difficult situation, or in an awkward encounter and desperately trying to find your way out, just think “What would Sheldon say?” and there you go. He is a goldmine of excellent comebacks and bazzingas.

The focal points of this episode were relational. Howard trying to bond with his father-in-law and Penny reconciling some of her past mistakes and relationships.

All of happening at Mrs. Wolowitz’s house at a Thanksgiving dinner. Many of us can probably relate to outrageous situations that just happen to manifest themselves on this particular day. In this regard, we can certainly say that The Big Bang Theory version of Thanksgiving hits close to home. 

That’s why we’re caught up with the Big Bang Theory hook, line, and sinker.

While we might not exactly relate to being a young scientist who lives in California – the relationships, the human and emotional side of the series is spot on connecting with all of us across the board. And that’s is the magic of it, so vividly displayed on this Big Bang Theory’s Thanksgiving.

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