Ten Duck Dynasty Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


It can be hard to keep up with the family with all that’s going on. There are so many little facts that are kept off camera I decided to write this post about ten Duck Dynasty facts you may have been unaware of. 

First of all, Phil was a high school football hero! No joke, Phil played for Louisiana Tech with Terry Bradshaw. And, Phil was a football star who passed up a contract with the NFL to hit duck season. Phil has been dedicated to duck season since day one.

Duck Dynasty FactsSadie owns her own fashion line of father approved dress apparel for young women. Missy and the other women of the show also have clothing lines as well. The entire Duck Dynasty family is uber driven to contribute to the American public and create highly successful businesses.

Uncle Si was nearly cut from the show! One of the producers met him at the last minute and could not get enough of him. He loved Uncle Si so much (Like the rest of us) that he pushed to have him kept on the show. The show would not be the same without the crazy stories of Uncle Si.

Al is the fourth brother most people don’t know about. You heard right, Al is the fourth brother and oldest of the bunch. He didn’t show up until the fourth season. Till this date he’s the only clean shaven one of the bunch.

At one point, the brothers were all clean shaven at one point. Al was not the only brother to wear a clean cut look and style. It wasn’t that long ago they all chose to wear their faces with no hair. It’s funny how fast things can change when you’re having fun.

Willie owns and drives a camouflaged BMW, in case you didn’t know. We’re so used to seeing Willie driving a truck that we forget he’s got other cars. His BMW even has ducks on it which is awesome for a hunter like Willie.

Duck Dynasty FactsWillie is an avid deer hunter not just a duck hunter. When it really comes down to it, Willie actually prefers to hunt deer over water fowl. It’s Willies love for deer hunting that caused the family to expand to selling deer hunting products back in 2006.


More Duck Dynasty Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Many of the family have writer their own books. Phil, Si, Korie and Willie have all written their own books. The books cover everything from psychology to generalized wisdom and staying happy. The family shows you how productive a person can be regardless of what they have going on in their lives.

Phil has baptized over 300 people! Phil Robertson has shown astonishing amounts of faith and dedication to Jesus Christ. His undying faith is a reminder to everyone, no matter how big you get, it’s important to remember the almighty.

Willie and his Wife both graduated from Harding University where Willie earned a degree in business. Now it makes sense why Willie has made millions with Duck Dynasty and the Duck Commanders business.