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It is Sheldon’s nightmare scenario. On Thursday’s episode of the hit CBS sitcom, Sheldon had a nightmare where he saw friends Penny and Leonard dressed in bondage gear in their own personal sex dungeon.
But for almost every other red-blooded man in existence, the sight of Kaley Cuoco in bondage gear is the stuff of dreams. 


She and on-screen husband and off-screen ex Jonny Galecki appear in very revealing S&M getups for the scene. The 30-year-old rocks a pair of fishnet stockings and black leather hot pants, with a red leather corset barely containing her famous cleavage.
She completes the sexy look with a choker, military cap, and wields a riding crop in her hand. The blonde beauty wears a racy red lip to match, leaning over for the photo to put her already strained corset under further pressure.


Galecki meanwhile wears a leather strap outfit with a matching leather skirt, clutching a crop of his own. His glasses were neatly tucked into one of his chest straps.
Behind him is the X-shaped rack Leonard was tied to as Penny prepared to dish out some punishment.


It was a laugh-out-loud moment on the show. And on Instagram, Friday, Cuoco gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the moment – in a scandalous, eye-catching shot!



‘#bts of last nights @thebigbangtheory #kaleyspolaroids #corsettook15minstogeton,’ Cuoco captioned the pic.

The Chuck Lorre-created hit comedy is currently in its tenth season, and still pulling in more than 14 million-plus viewers per episode.


Dating History

The characters tied the knot on-screen during the season 10 premiere. But off-screen, they’re very much best friends despite quietly dating for two years. They split in 2010.
Cuoco has been hot and heavy with her equestrian boyfriend Karl Cook — whom she met after split from tennis player Ryan Sweeting in September 2015 after 21 months of marriage.

She and Cook recently made their red carpet debut at the Longines Masters Los Angeles Gala.



I think that this will be an Instagram picture that no The Big Bang Theory fan will forget anytime soon. It was definitely a scene that you can’t un-see. Poor Sheldon.

When you think about it the dream manifested from Sheldon’s fears of moving on from his old living situation. Heaven help us, if we all thought like him. Does Sheldon think that the one little room will go to hell without him?

Of course, I could just be over analyzing a scene that was only included for a big laugh. What do you guys think? Did you like the episode? Did you find this scene funny or distasteful? It seems pretty similar to Two and a Half Men humor. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Also, do you think that the ending was a sign that Sheldon will be able to let go of his fears and live his life with Amy? Judging by the way he followed her with no questions, I really do think so. Shamy fans unite! 

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