College Paper Bashes Young Sheldon

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Jesse Bernstein, Manage Editor for the Campus Times at Rochester clearly hates The Big Bang Theory spinoff, Young Sheldon. The review uses a full page to show the distaste for the series, which is more marketable than literary.

“Why? Why?” writes the paper. Amidst the repetitive question, the writer than dissects views on Sheldon Cooper. As listed, “Sheldon is a whole detestable character. At no point does he inspire any sort of empathy from the audience.”

“You find yourself rooting for him to be bullied,” said the author.

And, Another Thing To “Hate” About The Show…

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

With an impressive 17 million views for the premiere, clearly, not everyone feels this way. More so, it’s one person’s opinion expressed as a review in a small paper for students to express their opinions.

The writer adds, “One thing I hate about this show is the way it adds an extra descriptor to basic academic concepts to make them sound more specific and difficult to understand.”

As listed, some examples include “Newtonian gravity” and “Euclidean geometry.”

Missing The Point Of Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

Regardless of one’s opinion, the show seems to capture something the viewer/writer has missed. While the show isn’t as detailed as Max Braverman’s Aspergers on Parenthood, it does showcase a child who has trouble working with others in society.

In a sense, the show highlights what it is like for a child to be an introvert. Like any television series, it’s an extreme version of an introvert, showcased as a boy genius in high school.

Basically, hating a character because you disagree with how they handle things is also another part of television. In film school, one of the first things a screenwriter will learn is that the entire point of writing a film or series is to “elicit emotion.”

Hate it or not it, the series has done just that, based on this review. The show is currently on a hiatus thanks to the NFL schedule, but fans (and haters) can watch the second episode early November.

So, what do you think of this harsh review of Young Sheldon?

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