Steven Yuen Stars In New Virus Flick

Steven Yuen | Photo Credit Variety

Former Walking Dead star Steven Yuen will star in the action-thriller Mayhem this fall. The film comes from RLJ Entertainment and AMC Networks’ Shudder after the deal was finalized after the recent Cannes Film Festival.

The story involves an airborne virus that infects the corporate tower of a major law firm. Steven Yuen plays an attorney who is wrongfully fired on the day in question. The virus makes people act our erratic impulses in a rage.

Yuen’s character is trapped in a quarantined portion of the building.

Film Hits Theaters In 2017

Mayhem Movie | Photo Credit Variety

Variety reports:

“Joe Lynch directed from a Matias Caruso script. Samara Weaving, Steven Brand (“The Scorpion King”), and Dallas Roberts (“Dallas Buyers Club”) also star. Circle of Confusion’s Lawrence Mattis and Matt Smith produced in association with Sean Sorensen of Royal Viking Entertainment and financier Avva Pictures with Elie Mehrdad and Parisa Caviani.”

RLJE will release the film in theaters and on demand with Shudder streaming in early 2018. Mark Ward, who works for RLJE said that “Joe Lynch’s vision is captivating. He has the ability to take stories and evaluate them with his unique insight and direction.”

Die Hard Meets Zombie Apocalypse

Steven Yuen | Photo Credit SXSW

Joe Leydon wrote up a review for Variety:

“If you can imagine a multi-movie-mashup of boardroom suspenser, ‘Die Hard’ redux and zombie apocalypse — well, too bad, director Joe Lynch and scripter Matias Caruso have already beat you to the punch.”

“‘Mayhem,’ their rousingly gonzo thriller about the violent commingling of infectious disease and corporate malfeasance, is a smartly constructed and sardonically funny indie with attitude that somehow manages the tricky feat of being exuberantly over the top even as it remains consistently on target.”

The film sounds like a natural transition for Steven Yeun, who played Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead for six full seasons.

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