Since the very beginning, Glenn Rhee has been a staple on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

His voice came on at the end of the pilot as he helped guide Rick to safety and he’s been with our hero ever since.

Well, at least until Negan showed up.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Glenn was killed in front of his friends and family, which included Rick and a pregnant wife, Maggie, the show tried to go on without him. Rick, Maggie, and Daryl were all hit hard by the loss of Glenn Rhee.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, actor Steven Yeun opened up about the loss of Glenn.

Steven Yeun Talks To Vanity Fair

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The actor told the magazine:

“I don’t feel like it was too much, I’ll be honest with you and put a full disclaimer here: I might not be objective, but I truly feel like people didn’t know what to do with Glenn. They liked him, they had no problems with him, and people enjoyed him. But they didn’t acknowledge the connection people had with the character until he was gone…”

“I look at what happened and I think,’ That wasn’t any more gory than what we’ve done before, per se.’ No one got their face ripped in half! People got their guts smashed out and their heads caved in. But this one felt gratuitous because one, it kept going, and two, I think they took away someone that I didn’t realize I had made such a connection with until they took him away.”

The Walking Dead Actor “Cool” With Glenn’s Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite the love he felt from the show and the fans, Yeun did have one problem with Glenn’s role on the show. He didn’t really feel like Glenn earned the right to be left alone on the show. He was always part of another story.

Yeun added, “I think the cruelest thing is that if Glenn had continued on, knowing how things usually shake out, I could totally foresee a situation where he just slowly, quietly disappears into the background and is kind of remembered but not really.”

“But in this way, it was like holding up a battered skull to the world to be like, ‘Don’t forget, this Asian person existed in this medium and now he’s f*cking dead.’ Like, he is f*cking dead. That’s super cool! I’m cool with that…”

Do you think Steven Yeun may return for a Glenn cameo in Season 8?

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