Steve Molaro just dropped some major spoilers about The Big Bang Theory season 11. Looks like there’s a whole lot to look forward to in the upcoming September premiere.

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Fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Big Bang Theory, Season 11 on September 25th. The Big Bang Theory will be on Monday nights in a new time slot for the beginning of the season, as not to compete with a few Thursday pre-season NFL games. It will then move back to Thursday nights later in November, and be followed by the new spin-off series, Young Sheldon.

It looks like fans will be able to look forward to lots of new plot lines in the upcoming season. Steve Molaro, the showrunner at TBBT, says things are going to be fresh and new this year. He said, “What’s nice about Season 11, is we’re on a fresh page in a lot of their lives and we’re ready to start some new adventures personally and professionally and it’s going to be fun to dig into that. Bernadette and Howard are still figuring out how to be parents; Penny seems a little unhappy at her job; Leonard and all the guys are ready to take on the next scientific frontier that they’re going to tackle. It seems like it’s ripe for them to boldly go where ever they’re going to boldly go…”

Does that mean the men are going to go back to space? Or perhaps back to the tundra? We can’t be sure, but we know it will be comedy gold.

Big Bang Theory Season 11 Spoilers

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Of course the real TBBT Season 11 spoilers we’re waiting for involve Sheldon and Amy. We are dying to know if Amy will say yes to Sheldon’s proposal and if there will be a wedding in the future.

Until then we’ll just sit here daydreaming about what a Sheldon bachelor party would be like. Can you contain your excitement about The Big Bang Theory Season 11?

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