SPOILER ALERT: Kaley & Mayim Release Mysterious Photos About Session 11… Return of Ramona!?



Major Spoiler Alert ahead- Ramona might be back for the Big Bang Theory season finale. Season 10 will be drawing to a close soon, and if our assumptions are correct, Sheldon’s stalker-ish crush will be back to take part in the action. Here’s what we know.

On April 19th Kaley Cuoco posted an Instagram photo of her matching Starbucks Unicorn Frap and bright pink Big Bang Theory script. She wrote, “Had to get the (unicorn) frap and it magically matched our Big Bang theory Season 10 finale script!” This leads us to believe that on April 19th the cast was rehearsing for the upcoming episode.

On the same day, Mayim Bialik posted a photo with both Melissa Rauch and Riki Lindhome. She captioned it, “One of these things is not like the others…(that would be me.) All good with these two :)” That leads us to believe that Riki was at the rehearsal, meaning she’s most likely in the Big Bang Theory Season 10 Finale episode. Riki also posted the same photo with the caption, “Today was fun :).”

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photo by bigbangtheory.wikia.com

The Big Bang Theory season finale is set to air on May 10th, 2017. If Riki Lindhome is participating that means that Ramona is back. 

We first met Ramona in The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem. She is a student at Cal-tech and a HUGE Sheldon fan. She meets Sheldon in the cafeteria and invites herself over for dinner at his place. She seems to be stalking him when she fetches him breakfast and offers foot rubs. Of course, Sheldon doesn’t see the problem with all of the positive attention. 

The Last Time We Saw Ramona

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photo by thebigbangtheorysite.com

The last time we saw Ramona she was trying to get Sheldon to open a line of credit with her. He finally realized she was bad news and kicked her out. We haven’t seen her since, but it appears we will in the Big Bang Theory Season 10 finale.

Will you be turning into the Big Bang Theory season finale on May 10th?

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