Melissa Rauch’s “Secret” Steamy Love Revealed…


Keeping Up With Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch likes to keep up with her fans via social media, and this week she let them in on a few personal details about herself.

She’s a major Bachelor fan. She wants you to vote, and her grandmother was a political activist. Here’s the latest from The Big Bang Theory star, Melissa Rauch.

Her “Steamy” Love? She’s A Bachelor “Superfan”…

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It seems Melissa is a Bachelor Superfan. Everyone is talking about the upcoming season finale of The Bachelor, and Nick Viall is the center of all the buzz. We understand the hype– he’s gorgeous and seems pretty sweet on camera. Melissa told her fans that she ran into the hunk outside of his Dancing With The Stars rehearsal.

Melissa wrote, “Spoiler alert: I got the final rose!!! Okay…busted, not true, but I was super excited to run into @nickviall who had just come from his #DWTS rehearsal!”

She confirmed our wildest dreams that Nick is a great guy too. She said, “He couldn’t have been nicer or cooler, especially since I did a borderline creepy amount of rambling about my Bachelor thoughts… #bachelorsuperfan.”

It’s funny to imagine Melissa watching The Bachelor each week. We wonder if she and Kaley Cuoco talk about the show often. Kaley has also posted Instagram stories of her and boyfriend Karl Cook watching the ABC show.

Inspirational Women

photo by @themelissarauch via

Melissa also posted the above photo in honor of International Women’s Day. She said the picture is of her grandmother and great aunt. Both took part in the Women’s Strike For Peace back in their day. Rauch credits these women with teaching her how to be strong and powerful.


photo by @themelissarauch via

Melissa also used her platform earlier in the week to urge fans to vote in the California elections. She said, “California! If you’re eligible to vote today, get out there and rock it locally!” 

She certainly is a kick-butt lady. Do you follower Melissa Rauch on social media?

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