Si Robertson’s Net Worth FINALLY Revealed…


What is Si Robertson’s net worth, you might ask? Well, it’s definitely a whole lot. The Robertsons’ networths have been in conversation for quite a while now. Here’s what Si most likely made before and after Duck Dynasty.

Si Robertson’s Networth

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Si Robertson’s net worth might be of curiosity to you, a true Duck Dynasty fan. It’s hard to believe that this man, who dresses head to toe in camouflage is made of millions. He’s still using a teacup from the 60s, and he doesn’t quite understand who Justin Beiber is. However, yes, Si Robertson is a millionaire.

The entire Robertson family is well off, but some more than others. Of course, it was Phil Robertson’s patent that made the family its money. It was also Willie Robertson’s brains that turned that patent into a sensation. Yet, one could argue that it was Si Robertson’s personality that turned Duck Dynasty into the show it was.

Si’s banter with the other Duck Commander employees made for some of the best episodes. His funny phrases of speech, silly antics, and ridiculous point of view created a lovable character. He also drew in millions of fans nationwide.

Now we want to know- has Si Robertson seen a reward for his hard work? Multiple websites report that Si Robertson is worth somewhere between 5 and 8 million dollars. The Robertson man earned over 1 million for the show alone. He’s also written his own books and starred on a Christmas album. Plus, Si still gets checks from good old Duck Commander.

Latest Endeavors

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Si Robertson’s net worth may have hit a plateau now that Duck Dynasty is over. He recently told Billboard that he was surprised with just how well the show went over with America. He said, “I don’t think any of us saw it coming. Not in a million years. I tell people all the time that Duck Dynasty has done one thing for the entire Robertson family — it actually strengthened our faith in God almighty. Look what he had to work with, and look where he took it. I’m still blown away by the reception that the show got. It’s a lot to take in.”

Now Si is playing in a band called “Uncle Si and the Sicotics.” The band is comprised of Si, his daughter in law, and Bridgette Tatum. The threesome have put out an EP, and are touring the country. We doubt they’ll be bringing in any more millions, but at least Si is happy and doing what he loves.

Can you believe Si Robertson’s net worth?