3 Si Robertson Facts That Show What Kind Of Man He Was Before Duck Dynasty Came On TV…

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-12-23

Uncle Si’s a Dad too 

Si Robertson is one of the most loved character on Duck Dynasty. Perhaps it’s his silly antics or illogical catch phrases that make him so endearing. However, many fans don’t hear about all the Si Robertson facts. Here are 3 seldom discussed facts about Uncle Si.

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Si Robertson isn’t just an Uncle to Alan, Willie, Jase and Jep. He’s also a proud father of two children. He calls his kids “miracle babies,” because his wife was originally told she would not be able to have children. Si told Fox, “She went to all the specialists and they all said, ‘You’ll never have kids.’ I said, “Don’t worry about it.” She said, ‘Yeah but I know you love ’em so I’m not going to marry you.’ I said, ‘Hey, don’t worry about that. The doctors don’t have the final word. I believe in a higher power,’ and I’ve got what you call two miracle babies, my daughter, and my son and they gave me four grandsons a piece.”

Uncle Si’s a 24-Year Veteran

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Si retired from the army in 1993 and has since been a crucial employee at Duck Commander. Si Robertson served for over twenty-four years in the United States Army. He spent duty assignments in various locations including South Vietnam, Germany, and Ft. Polk, Louisiana. He was a Materials Specialist during the Vietnam War. Once back home and retired, Si appeared in nearly every single Duckmen DVD and is currently a cast member of Duck Dynasty. He shares a love for hunting with his brother Phil. Phil and Si are often found roaming the family property. They spend their days getting the land ready for duck season.

Both Phil and Si share a past struggle with…

He Shares a Mental Illness With Phil

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Both Phil and Si share a past struggle with alcoholism. While Phil’s drinking happened on American land, Si did most of his in Vietnam. Si recalls almost injuring Vietnamese citizens due to too much alcohol. These days Si is known for carrying around a gallon of sweet tea with him. However, back then Si would carry a fifth of liquor with him.

Many of the Robertson men have gone through similar struggles. Alcoholism, mental illness, and promiscuity were past times of many of the Duck Dynasty cast. However, Si and his family have pulled together and grown in their faith to produce one of the biggest brands in reality TV.

This just goes to show, the more you know about someone famous, the more they remind you of everyone else – regular-guy-Si.

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