4James Earl Jones Met Carrie Fisher On The Big Bang Theory Set

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. James Earl Jones first met Carrie Fisher on The Big Bang Theory set. If you’re an avid TBBT fan you probably recall the episode that both Star Wars stars appeared in, but you’re probably shocked to realize that was the first time the pair had ever met in person.

The Convention Conundrum

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The Convention Conundrum is a classic The Big Bang Theory episode that follows the TBBT guys’ quest for Comic Con tickets. When the tickets are all sold out Raj Leonard and Howard all decide to scalp tickets. Sheldon, however, wants to create his own convention.

In a quest for panel speakers, Sheldon stalks James Earl Jones to his favorite sushi restaurant. The two hit it off, and Jones proceeded to show Sheldon a whirlwind of a night. He took him to a strip club, sauna, and finally to play ding dong ditch at Carrie Fisher’s house.

The joke is that James Earl Jones plays this prank on Fisher all the time. She answers the door saying “James it’s not funny!” Star Wars fans rejoiced at this happy reunion, and Sheldon certainly couldn’t contain himself. So how is this the first time the two stars have met?

Confined To The Sound Booth

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James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader, and therefore, all of his work for the movie was confined to a sound booth. He admits to Sheldon in the episode that he did, in fact, used a scuba mask to create Vader’s iconic breathing. 

Carrie on the other hand, was busy filming on set. The two actor’s paths never crossed. That’s hard to believe, considering premieres and press events. Steve Matero revealed that their first meeting was epic.


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