Sheldon fulfills Stephen Hawking


This week, the world is saying parting to one of the most brilliant minds ever to call it home, as a renowned physicist and writer Stephen Hawking passed away at 76, after suffering with ALS since 1963. Hawking wasn’t merely celebrated within the science community, of course, as he’d carved out a comfortable spot for himself within the world of pop culture, thanks to multiple guest appearances on The Big Bang Theory, among other Tv depicts. To be expected, the CBS comedy’s cast and crew took to social media to share their saddened supposes about Hawking’s death.

To start, the official Big Bang Theory account posted a relatively simple but heartfelt goodbye to a guest starring that never failed to make all the other characters appear a little more mediocre in comparison.( Hawking induced his first Big Bang guest appearance back in 2012 for the Season 5 episode, “The Hawking Excitation .”)

Source: Cinemablend