Sheldon Loves Amy In Her Wedding Dress


After Penny and Bernadette have an argument about how Bernadette threw her for the purposes of the bus, Penny starts to feel bad about telling the truth and goes back to Amy to apologize, saying that it’s her day and all that’s important is that she feels beautiful, telling her that she can still wear the dress. Amy says that now that she knows Penny dislikes it, it’s all she’ll be able to think about since she’s the coolest, most fashionable person she knows, and the dress is ruined for her.

And here’s where the ultimate in heartwarming, lovey-dovey stuff be coming back. Amy decided to set the dress on one more time before returning it, and as she’s looking at herself in the mirror, Sheldon comes home and considers her in it. The first thing Sheldon says is that she looks beautiful, which, of course, pleasures Amy to no end. When she tells him that she was actually planning to return it, he tells, “Why would you return it? You look like a piling of swans .” which has to be the most Sheldon compliment ever. Amy then decides to keep the dress, with any cares as to who might not like it any longer on her radar.