Sheldon and Amy Find Fighting Makes Them More Productive


Sheldon and Amy Collaboration

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On an all new Big Bang Theory episode we saw Sheldon and Amy collaborate scientifically for the first time. After a few failed attempts at a civil collaboration, they found that fighting actually made them more productive. This relationship never fails to bring the weird humor. Here’s what went down.

Ground Rules Version 1

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At first, Sheldon and Amy decided to set up some ground rules for their collaboration. Sheldon had expressed interest in Amy’s biology work, and thought he could compound it with physics to explain a complex theory. Much like their relationship agreement, the ground rules were put in place to bring order to the situation.

Ground rules version 1: (Written by Sheldon)

“No using sexuality to get your way”

“It matters of physics (Sheldon) has final say. In matters of biology (Amy) has final say, unless (Sheldon) disagrees.”

“When we publish (Sheldon’s) name goes first…if (they) win awards (Sheldon) speaks first.”

Needless to say, Amy didn’t exactly agree to these ground rules. And came up with her own.

Ground rules version 2: Written by Amy

“We’re on the same team, we’re not in competition”

“Disagreements can happen politely there’s no need to call an idea stupid”

“To avoid gtting frustrated we take short breaks and reward our success with a small treat.”

Serious Failure

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Things seemed to be going well, until Sheldon and Amy took a minute to stand back and look at their work. They concluded it was a complete failure, and began to bicker. It was with this bickering that Amy began to realize where they had made their mistakes. Sheldon noted that fighting actually made them work better together. New ground rules would be needed.

Ground rules version 3:

“We are on the same team, but it is a competition”

“There are definitely stupid questions and those who ask them can be told so to their stupid face”

“Fair topics for insult include intellectual pedigree, scientific field, intellectual prowess, and mamas”

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Sheldon responded, “That list is strong, like your mother’s urge to be promiscuous with sailors.” Looks like these two figured out what works for them. Have you ever worked with a spouse? Did you watch the new Big Bang Theory episode?

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