The Devil’s In The Details

Have you caught them? This season’s smartest and most interesting Easter Eggs of The Big Bang Theory have been uncovered! Let’s see how many you caught — I’ll bet I can surprise you. 

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Green Lantern

Interestingly, the show’s producers hid theirs in tee-shirts. Specifically, the ones Sheldon wears. And even more specifically — the Green Lantern ones.

No one will be surprised to see Sheldon in another crazy, geeky, pop culture tee-shirt. And because the Easter Eggs were so “in-your-face” you might have missed a hint. But they’re not random. 

So, let’s test your Easter Egg know-how…

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The Wheel Of (Fortune) Emotions

In the original comic books, the various colors represent different villains and heroes. But what many readers don’t realize, is they also represent different emotions.

As we might have guessed, Sheldon knows this.

Sheldon’s closet is full of Green Lantern tee-shirts, his wardrobe varies mostly by differing colors. If you watch carefully, you’ll see a pattern unfold, and with good reason. 

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The Mad Genius of Social Disconnects

We all know Sheldon is a mad genius, but for all of his emotional/social disconnects, he’s a pretty moody guy. His outerwear often reflects what’s going on inside of him, and it’s possible there are times.

Sheldon uses his colored tees to try and alter his emotions.

By tapping into the psychology of color, you may never watch an episode the same way again when you realize …

Watch the Color Wheel

It’s interesting to note that many of Sheldon’s rants occur when he’s wearing a red tee, as the color red stirs anger and energy.

But the hues of some of his other shirts are interesting to note as well, and may very well hide Easter Eggs that explain his moods. 

Here are some colors you can watch for on Sheldon, then see if they match his emotional vibe:

  • Red=Anger, Energy, Passion
  • Orange=Enthusiasm, Fascination, Creativity
  • Yellow=Joy, Happiness, Intellect
  • Green=Growth, Harmony, Confidence
  • Blue=Calm, Imaginative, Serene, 
  • Purple=Power, Ambition, Royalty

Have you ever noticed Sheldon’s royal-like air?

His giddy moments?

His calm demeanor?

And of course, his angry outbursts. If so, take a closer look at his tee-shirt. Is there a correlation? Probably so. 

The next time you and your friends are watching The Big Bang Theory, make a game out of connecting the many moods of Sheldon with the rainbow shades of his tee-shirts. Easter Eggs come in many colors, you just have to uncover them. 

Have you connected Sheldon’s tee-shirts to his mood swings?

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