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Science stands out as a defining factor in The Big Bang Theory. Most of our characters work in a scientific field. We experience them at work in the laboratory quite frequently. But does science still matter today? Or should people focus more on other areas of study? Why is science still relevant in today’s day and age?

An Ever-Changing World

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Throughout the centuries human kind has made many scientific discoveries. Some are old while others are quite modern and revolutionary. It’s fun to watch our scientific sitcom where the improbable becomes possible, but do we watch for the science? No. So, where’s science’s place today?

Science remains at the root of all things. It provides both problems and solutions to solve them. Eventually one might wonder if we have not already solved all the problems there is to solve. But the world is not static. New problems arise all the time and the solutions to them arise from science. Whether it be medicine, agriculture, warmer clothing, or a way for paralyzed people to walk, science is the key.

Sheldon’s Questions Improve Technology

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Science and technology walk hand in hand. We utilize better technology to solve science problems. We enable science to create better technology. As technology improves, so does our grasp upon the universe.  We can either prove or disprove old scientific theories.  Look at Sheldon Cooper’s work. String Theory was around long before he began working on it but he seeks to dive deeper into the process. That is why science is so important! Scientists ask the questions that we do not. They seek to understand the misunderstood.

The Big Bang Theory Stimulates Scientific Interest

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So where does The Big Bang Theory enter into this? Out of all majors, master’s degrees, and doctorates, science is among the lowest in numbers. While biology is slightly higher due to it being a stepping stone into medicine, the sciences are highly underrated. Science opens up new places and opportunities for mankind. The more intelligent and skilled people we have in this field, the better chance humans have at overcoming things like terminal illness and disability. Shows like the Big Bang encourage young minds to pursue their dreams in this field. Not only does the show make it okay to be a scientist, it makes it cool. We need more shows that portray going against social norms as the cool thing to do.

After watching the show did you consider what a career as a scientist would be like?

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