If you’re a die-hard TBBT fan you probably know quite a few more science facts than the average television viewer. Here are five science facts we’ve learned from watching TBBT. Sheldon would be very impressed with our retention.

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Big Bang Theory Science Lessons

We’ve learned quite a few science facts over the years while watching TBB. While these facts might not exactly apply to our everyday lives, we still feel darn impressive when we recite them at dinner parties

If you don’t want Eddy currents in a transformer, you’ll have to laminate the core material.

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Sheldon was right about this fact, and Howard was wrong. Poor Howard just can’t stand when that happens. We still aren’t sure what Eddy currents are…but we sound smart saying it.

How long a Galactic year is.

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A galactic year is 250 million years on earth. Thank you TBBT, this fact makes us really young. Aging is irrelevant when you think about how long Aliens must live.

 “Negative reinforcements” can be a good thing.

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In the Collaboration Fluctuation, it’s explained to us that a negative reinforcement can actually make a positive impact on a task. For example, Amy and Sheldon fighting every time there’s a lag in productivity is actually a positive punishment that spurs them on to be more efficient. 

Superfluid Helium will make your tongue fall off.

12. You should never consume superfluid helium.photo by cbs.com

Thanks for Sheldon for the warning, now we’ll never ingest superfluid helium (was anyone actually planning on doing this?)

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Finally, we’ve learned that a mutual hatred of someone can bring two people closer together. Amy and Bernadette have bonded over gossiping about Penny, and the whole gang shares a few arch nemesis. Sometimes you need a little hate to spark a lot of love.

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