Sadie Robertson’s Tattoo- Why She Got It And What It Means


Sadie Robertson’s Tattoo – Family or Faith?

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Sadie Robertson’s tattoo is surprising to fans who know her as a good girl who follows the rules. However, Sadie’s dad Willie is a fan of tattoos. Willie has his own ink on his ring finger in place of a wedding band. Sadie’s ink is a lot bigger. She said on Rare Media, “I got some ink,” and giggled, “I always sound so cool when I say that.” Why did the Duck Dynasty star decide to join the tattoo team?

Sadie Didn’t Originally Want Her Tattoo

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Sadie told Rare Media, “I was never going to get a tattoo that was not for me.” Sadie even admitted that she wasn’t a fan of her father’s tattoos. She even told Willie she didn’t like them. However, Sadie admitted that she struggled with anxiety and fear for the past two years. The Duck Commander realized that the bible says not to be afraid and that she needed to trust God’s plan. Sadie said, “God has already conquered fear, and there’s so much more to this life.”

So what did Sadie have tattooed? Sadie attributes knowing she will go to a better…

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