Video Of Sadie We Thought We’d Never See Just Went Viral


Sadie Robertson starred in yet ANOTHER music video. However, this time the star was rapping, and we can’t get enough.

Sadie Robertson’s Rap Video

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Sadie Robertson’s rap video is going viral for all the right reasons. The Duck Dynasty star teamed up with Christian rapper Steven Malcolm. Steven creates music with a spiritual and family friendly style, in a musical category known for promiscuity and scandal. What sets this rap video apart from the rest is its lighthearted subject matter and wholesome hilarity.

Sadie Robertson really went for it when filming the video. She raps an entire verse, and even mentions Duck Dynasty and Live Original. Steven’s song is called Cereal. It talks about how great it is to be an adult and get to eat cereal whenever you want. “Growing up I can only have some in the morning, but now it’s whenever,” Steve boasts. We couldn’t agree more.

Sadie’s verse is hysterical for many reasons. The Dancing With The Stars alum clearly knows how to poke fun at herself, and let loose. She starts by rapping, “They call me Slim Sadie, you know who it is.” She then goes on to boast, “Steven Malcolm is dope, but everyone know I’m the best at the flow.” 

“Living Original, yeah, they loving the prodigy,” Sadie gloats, mentioning her hugely successful tour. Sadie also announced that Steven will be joining her on the tour. The pair are set to perform the rap live for adoring fans. Steven Instagrammed early this week saying, “Woke up with over 30K views in less than 24 hours!!!!! Y’all are AMAZING ???????????????????????? Just wait till you see the performance on the @liveoriginal Tour.”

Wholesome Humor

Once again a Robertson is able to create awesome entertainment, without the need for sexualization, or crass imagery. Sadie and her friends created an awesome music video. The beat is contagious, the colors and eye-catching and the song lyrics are hysterical.

We couldn’t be more impressed with Steven Malcolm and Sadie Robertson’s rap video. What did you think?