Sadie Robertson Goes Into Hiding After Duck Dynasty Finale…


In her first post of her social media fast, Sadie Robertson’s team posts something interesting. Will she continue to trust her friends with her online image?

Sadie Robertson
Sisters Bella, Rebecca, and Sadie Robertson pictured in this photo from January 17, 2016 — something Sadie might be doing a lot more of now that she’s off social media (photo via Instagram)

As we reported recently, Sadie announced that she’d be giving up social media because she said her “life is crazy right now.”

“I Just kind of feel like I need to take a step away from social media,” she said in an Instagram video. “I just need to get away and just really focus on my life and just invest in my friendships and invest in my family and invest in my relationship with the Lord.”

She said her friends will be running her social media accounts. And as their first post without Sadie, they posted a surprising post on Instagram.

“SUN SUN SUN STAYYY FOREVER!” the caption reads, which sounds like something Sadie would say. But the next line offered a great opportunity for fans.

The first photo posted on Sadie’s social media during her social media fast (photo via Instagram)

“We are obsessing over Sadie’s spring line as much as we are loving this warm weather!” the caption continued. “Tag us in your pics wearing @wildbluedenim & we will repost our favorites on Sadie’s story 🙂 – xoxo chey.”

Wow. What a chance for 2.8 million followers!

If Sadie ever questioned her friend’s abilities to keep up her online image, she won’t now. They’ve really done it. 

And of course, Sadie won’t be able to stay away for too long. She says she’ll be back on social media this summer.

“Planning to be back on my birthday,” she said on Instagram. Her birthday is June 11.

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