Sadie Robertson is all about the positivity and love, but sometimes that brings the young Duck Dynasty star hate. Sadie faced the haters head on this week when she wrote her own “cringe worthy” caption on Instagram.

Sadie’s Prayer Walk

I know some of you will call this crazy and make your “cringe worthy” comments, but I really don’t care ? I’m so sold out on what I know to be truth and confident in the faith I have and the peace it provides in my life and this morning I had an AWESOME pray walk walking in truth and stepping on the lungs of fear and I feel like some of you need a boost in your faith today so I wanted to share!!! Join me in prayer walks for our country and people!

A post shared by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on Aug 21, 2017 at 11:04am PDT

Sadie Robertson shared a video from her prayer walk this week. The young star said she’s “so sold out on what I know to be truth and confident in the faith I have and the peace it provides in my life…” Sadie was pictured in an adorable bandana headband and white t-shirt as she strolled through what looked to be the Robertson family’s Louisiana property.

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Sadie addressed the turmoil she sees in the nation lately, and wants her followers to join her in prayer walks “for our country and people!” Sadie said, “I pray over our country and I pray over our people today that we stop focusing so much on the unknown causing us fear. We stop. We start really focusing on what we know to be true- that our God is the creator of all of this.”

This message was not uncharacteristic of Sadie. What was, however, somewhat out of the ordinary was her caption for the video. Sadie addressed hate she’s gotten in the past when she speaks passionately about her faith. “I know some of yall will call this crazy and make your “cringe worthy” comments,” Sadie wrote. “But I really don’t care.”

Focus On Fear

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Sadie has been focusing a lot on fear lately. Perhaps she sees a trend of anxiety in her generation. Sadie referred to a Hillsong song that labeled fear as, “a liar running out of breath.” Sadie admitted that line got her excited about the future, and made her feel brave. 

Sadie Robertson seems to be as impassioned as ever. Do you enjoy her Instagram videos, or do you find them cringe worthy?


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