Sadie Robertson Is Now The Face Of THIS Huge New Campaign

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-10-10

Sadie Robertson teamed up with Palmetto Family to create a “Bring Your Bible To School” Day for South Carolina students. Sadie urged fans to bring their bibles to school and share their faith on October 5th. Plus, she hopes they’ll start to talk more about Jesus.

Sadie Robertson Says Bring Your Bible

Sadie Robertson created a friendly Youtube video with Palmetto Family. In the clip, the Duck Dynasty star urged Christian students to bring their bibles to school on October 5th in South Carolina.

Sadie said, “I am so excited for Bring Your Bible To School Day. You know in First John Chapter Four it talks about how no one has ever seen God. But, God’s love abides in us. So whenever we’re able to love on other people, people are able to see it.”

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Sadie also encouraged students to use their bibles as a talking point. The special day aims to help students start up conversations about their faith with classmates and teachers. Sadie said, “Don’t just bring your bible to school. Act it out and love on people, and being the Jesus in your school.” 

Organizers of the event hope to “Make South Carolina great.” The website states, ” Furthermore, this simple, but bold action provides Christian students the perfect opportunity to share their faith with classmates and teachers.”

Bring Your Bible To School Day

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Missy Robertson recently spoke at the Moms’ March for America about the removal of prayer from schools. She is upset that children’s religious freedoms have been infringed upon. However, Sadie and the organizers of Bring Your Bible To School Day hope to bring back a bit of that freedom. They believe every child has a right to bring their bible to school, and that this “small but bold” action will help bring about good in the education system.

What do you think? Would you allow your child to follow Sadie Robertson’s advice and bring their bible to school?

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