Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Speaks About the Importance of People

Our favorite, Christian sweetheart, Sadie Robertson has a burning heart for people. She seeks to spread the Word of God to people everywhere and is planning on doing it in a very authentic way. Instead of following the crowd of people using social media like Twitter… Sadie intends to do it through good old-fashioned, word of mouth. She’s calling it her “Live Original Tour.”

Sadie recently released a post on Instagram declaring her desire for a deep-down, connection with people. She was gleefully proclaiming her joy for leading 17 souls to Christ recently in Tulsa Oklahoma. In her own words,

“It got me pumped!”

Sadie is now preparing for a nationwide tour in the upcoming months. The purpose of the tour is to save as many souls as possible in the shortest amount of time. Her goal is to change as many lives as she can forever! She truly is an amazing human being and a great servant of God. Sadie stated that helping real people means so much more to her than getting followers on Instagram and Twitter.

As she says, you can only put 140 characters on a Tweet. She may get some retweets and new followers, but how much can she really impact a life? It’s amazing to me that such a young woman is so self-aware of her ability to inspire and impact people’s lives. It shows me that there is a lot of hope left for this country and its people as long as we focus on teaching our children American values and ethics.

Sadie is commonly known to rehearse verses from the Bible, pass out love freely and is a true philanthropist. In this day and age, these are very hard traits to come by. My question is this: what makes a girl like Sadie so ready and willing to devote her life to helping others?

Is it the right upbringing? The Christian moral and values? The fame and fortune?

I believe it’s a mixture of it all, but it all really does start at home and how a child is raised. I’m grateful that the Robertson family has done such a good job raising their sons and daughters. It’s my hope that more American people will follow in their footsteps and start to promote proper value systems within their family unit.

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Not for me. Not for this network. But or the Robertson family and to help keep Duck Dynasty running strong. Because if you haven’t heard, the show is in works of being canceled. And we can’t afford to lose these great souls when our country needs them so badly.


*Editor’s Note: This post was edited on September 19, 2016, for accuracy.

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