Sadie Robertson Stars In Shocking Video… This Is Not Her Normal Look…


Sadie Robertson just shocked fans by appearing in a rap music video. The young southern belle doesn’t typically associate herself with the hip-hop scene. However, she slayed her rap section and was happy to support her friend, musician Steven Malcolm.

Sadie Robertson In A New Music Video

Sadie Robertson appears in a newly released music video by Steven Malcolm. The rapper from Nashville infuses his music with spiritual encouragement. It’s no wonder Sadie wanted to be involved in the project.

In this humorous rap video, you don’t see the typical scantily clad girls and outrageous party scenes. Many hip-hop and rap videos these days show promiscuous behavior and glorify sex. However, Steven’s video is talking about cereal and features bright colors and funny scenes. It’s entirely different from the norm, but it’s still just as entertaining.

The most shocking part of the video is Sadie Robertson’s rap. The Duck Dynasty star is featured for a good portion of the song. She raps her verse, mentioning Live Original and Duck Dynasty. Our favorite line is, “Deuces to all the haters; I bet they’re still talking bout Dynasty.” Sadie apparently loved performing the rap. She said, “Thanks for asking me to be a part???? I will never stop laughing watching this whole video.”

Also featured in the video is Sadie’s best friend, Laney Redmon. Laney is a young backup dancer for Mandesa. She’s also featured in many of Sadie’s posts recently. 

Sadie’s Musical Career

Steven’s video has garnered quite a bit of success. Cereal Remix brought in 30,000 views in less than 24 hours. Steven told his fans, “Y’all are AMAZING…Just wait till you see the performance on the Live Original tour.”

It seems moving to Music City was the right move for Sadie Robertson. Since living in Nashville, she has appeared in three major music videos and worked with quite a few musical acts.