Sadie Robertson Says Duck Dynasty’s Ending Didn’t Slow Her Down


Sadie Robertson is as busy as ever. Duck Dynasty‘s ending didn’t slow her down one bit. Now she tells CBN News what she’s been up to since the show’s end.

Duck Dynasty‘s Ending Doesn’t Slow Sadie Down

Sadie Robertson told CBN News, “It has been a crazy year. You would think that after the show it would be a little mroe quiet. But I actually moved out to Nashville, and started working on my own stuff that I am super passionate about. Wrote the book did some other things. It’s been a little bit of a crazy year.”

Sadie seemed almost happy about Duck Dynasty’s ending. She exclaimed, “Goodness Duck Dynasty was a super super fun season but praise God that he just takes us from one thing to the other, it’s been really good since.” The entire family has expressed mixed feelings about the show’s cancellation. They feel blessed to have been a part of such a great project, but it seemed they grew weary near the end. Willie Robertson even said, “You think about it like this: Five years ago, if someone would have asked me what my goal was, I probably would have been way short of what was going to happen. I don’t want to limit myself or limit God or anything. It will be nice at some point to slow down a little bit, kind of enjoy some of the things we’ve done.”

She’s Living Fearless

Since Duck Dynasty’s ending Sadie Robertson has written a book Live Fearless. She explained that her personal struggle with anxiety brought her to write the book. She said, “I used to live in a lot of fear. Had a lot of anxiety and really dealt with panic attacks the whole nine yards…It was actually in a season when my life was really public.” Sadie said she felt the worst of it while filming Dancing With The Stars and speaking at Passion. She added, “As the years have gone on off camera I was in this process in finding freedom from fear. Finally I found freedom from my faith, totally from fear. All of a sudden I become a totally different person.”

Sounds like Duck Dynasty‘s ending came at the perfect time for Sadie Robertson. Do you miss this family friendly show?