Sadie Makes Horribly Sad Admission After Moving To Nashville Alone…


Sadie Robertson seems to be a bit homesick lately. The young Duck Dynasty star has frequently posted about her love for family, and how much she misses them now that she is living in a different state.

Sadie Robertson In Nashville

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Last year Sadie Robertson decided to forgo college, and instead headed to Nashville. The Duck Dynasty daughter now lives in Music City with friends. She also headlines her Live Original tour, which requires her to travel quite a bit. With such a busy lifestyle, it’s probably pretty hard for Sadie to be away from family for so long.

The Robertsons are a very tight knit group. Sadie grew up in West Monroe Louisiana with her many siblings and cousins. In Duck Dynasty we saw her flourish and grow into a well adjusted young woman. However, when the show began Sadie had hardly seen the world. Now she’s flown all over the map. She’s performed in New York Fashion Week, filmed Dancing With the Stars, and traveled to many third world countries. 

Now it seems perhaps the lifestyle is catching up to her. Sadie posted a photo with her little brother Willie Jr. earlier this week. She wrote, “I love that mama caught this candid moment of me getting to love on my (not so little) brother of mine just taking a minute to get a good hug in for a moment we got to see each other! Go hug your siblings today! Time flies.”

Sadie also celebrated being reunited with her mother on the same trip. She said, “The duo is back ???? as @rebekahlyons says when ZEAL & WISDOM unite there is no stopping them ???? can’t wait to speak with my mama this weekend.” We can’t imagine going from living with so many family members close by your whole child to living so far away from them is easy.

Korie Agrees

Korie Robertson echoed Sadie’s sentiments earlier in the month. Most of her children came home to celebrate Labor Day and she was glad to once again have a full house. She said, “Wishing @young_and_beardless and @marykaterob were here to make this pic complete @realwilliebosshog how did this happen ????❤️???? #family #laborday2017.”

We certainly wish the family was back together, still filming Duck Dynasty episodes. Can you imagine how homesick Sadie Robertson must be?