Discover How Sadie Robertson Is Acting Upon Phil’s Legacy


Phil Robertson has made his family rich and famous by creating a patent for the Duck Commander duck call. The duck call brought the family great success, and launched an entire business. Now, Sadie Robertson is following in her grandfather’s footsteps, with her own new and original product.

Phil Robertson’s Legacy

Phil Robertson’s legacy is strong and far reaching. Not only did the Duck Dynasty alum revolutionize the duck call world, he also spread the word of God everywhere he goes. He fathered four children, each with many of their own kids. Those grandchildren are serving Phil’s legacy well. In particular, Sadie Robertson is following in her grandfather’s footsteps in a big way.

The Duck Commander duck call was patented in the 70s, but at the time it was new and revolutionary. All business people know that a new and original idea is the key to a successful business. Customers want something that’s never been done before. That’s what Sadie Robertson is doing today.

She’s launched the “LO Box,” a leadership box, based on the values she wrote about in her Live Original series. Sadie wrote on facebook, “This box is filled with everything you need to lead, including: an 8 week study, meal plans, crafts, dance videos, worship encouragement 🙌🏻 We are helping you create community in your community while creating a community of girls studying and doing life together around the world.”

How It Works

LOOKING FOR LEADERS! PRE-SALE STARTS TODAY! This is for those of you who signed up for the email list so go check your email to make your decision to become a leader of an awake group in your community! 💗 REMINDER 💗 – this box will equip you with an 8 week study I have written in the form of a beautiful magazine called the LO magazine that my team has created. It will have 8 weeks of meal plans for you as well, so that you can know what to cook your group when you invite them over. It has 4 weeks of crafts that go along with my study and some of the materials in the box. It has 4 weeks of workout dance routines to do with friends. It has a segment on worship and helping you learn how to dive into worshipping freely! We want you to have EVERYTHING you need to lead fearlessly in your community and learn to welcome people in with hospitality to have the fellowship of sisterhood. In the box we also have some fun gifts like my new book, a worship CD I picked for y’all, and some scrunchys from @woollythreads 💗 AND to top it all off you will be given access to 26 brand new videos of us teaching y’all how to teach the study as you go along! These videos will only be accessed for box members only. We are in it WITH YOU! Here is a clip from one of the videos that you will be able to watch teaching a way on how to lead people in learning from Genesis 24 💗 goes on sell to the public March 11th and our number is limited. So, if you have the pre-sale email you may want to go ahead and buy so you do not miss out. @liveoriginal

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Sadie said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a project. I have been working on this for a very long time…the response has been amazing.”

Sadie is essentially creating her own subscription box, combined with a Bible study that Sadie created herself. She hopes to equip her followers to lead in their local church communities. The box will also come with a code that when scanned brings up online videos of Sadie herself.

It combines the world of Bible Study, subscription boxes, food service, and instruction all in one. It also plays into the tech world. Sadie realizes that her followers want to be able to recreate her tour experience in their own homes.

Do you think Sadie Robertson’s latest business endeavor sounds crazy, or crazy successful? Would Phil Robertson be proud?