Sadie And Korie Robertson Are Serious Mother Daughter Goals


Sadie and Korie Robertson are serious mother-daughter goals. The mother-daughter pair are as close as can be. They inspire us to cultivate loving relationships in our families.

Sadie and Korie Robertson

Sadie and Korie Robertson are both incredibly businesswomen. They’ve each cultivated their own brand, written books, starred in reality television shows. All while encouraging millions of women. Korie should certainly be proud of the woman she’s raised in Sadie. Sadie must be so thankful to have such a cool mom.

Sadie is currently touring the country with her Live Original tour. The grueling schedule makes it hard for her to see her family often. However, this week she was reunited with her mom. And she couldn’t be happier. Sadie wrote on her Instagram, “The duo is back ???? as @rebekahlyons says when ZEAL & WISDOM unite there is no stopping them ???? can’t wait to speak with my mama this weekend ❤️”

There really isn’t a better description for Sadie and Korie Robertson than “Zeal and Wisdom.” Sadie has tons of zeal. She is energetic, passionate, and excited about life. Korie is incredibly wise. She has raised six lovely children. She helped turn Duck Commander into the business it is today. Did we mention she runs her own personal brand?

Cherishing Moments

Korie loves when she has all her kids at home. Once the children start to grow older it can be hard to have everybody back in the house at once. It’s especially hard when you have six children to coordinate. Korie got a glimpse of happiness when Sadie, Rebecca, and John Reed all came home to visit. Korie wrote, “I don’t have the words to express how incredibly thankful I am that these awesome humans call me mom! Wishing @young_and_beardless and @marykaterob were here to make this pic complete @realwilliebosshog how did this happen ????❤️???? #family #laborday2017.”

We love how fiercely the Robertsons love each other. Are you inspired by Sadie and Korie Robertson’s mother-daughter relationship?