The Robertsons Wouldn’t Let This One Thing Air On Duck Dynasty…


Since Duck Dynasty‘s final episode, the Robertsons have revealed quite a bit about what it was like to film their reality TV show. Willie and Korie Robertson recently revealed one hysterical thing they wouldn’t let go on television.

The Robertsons Get The Final Say

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The Robertsons became famous seemingly overnight with the huge success of Duck Dynasty. The show followed their family as they ran their multi-million dollar duck call business in West Monroe Louisiana. 

When asked if the show truly depicted their real life, Willie and Korie Robertson insisted that they liked to keep things genuine. Willie explained, “The Robertson family has always been very open with their lives. Good and bad. When you’re vulnerable and say, “Hey, this is what we’re going through,” that resonates.”

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Indeed, fans enjoyed the family’s honesty. They especially enjoyed how the family insisted on praying at the end of each episode. While many reality shows feature screaming, cursing, and arguing, Duck Dynasty provided a positive outlook and family-friendly entertainment.

Korie agreed that the most honest and vulnerable episodes were the best. She said, “Those episodes that are authentic and meaningful to us are the ones I think are the best, like when Phil and Kay renewed their vows [Season 4] or we adopted Rowdy [season 10].”

Uncle Si Caught Red Handed

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However, there are some things the Robertsons refused to show. Willie shared, “We try to protect everybody and not get caught in something embarrassing, though. There was one time Si was picking his nose and producers thought it was funny. We were like, ‘No, take that out.”

We think that’s pretty hysterical. Poor Si, just trying to keep it respectable. It’s also safe to say the uber famous family had some creative control over what aired on each episode. They kept things PG, and never aired any dirty laundry.

Can you imagine if the Robertsons had allowed Si to pick his nose on camera?